Wednesday, 9 October 2013

What is Google adsense

What is Google adsense

First of all we need to know what us Google adsense . I want to share some info about Google adsense account and some easy ways to approve Google adsense account. It’s a fee account for website publishers to earn maximum income through Google ads. You can earn money while displaying Google ads on your blog, website, discussion forum, etc.
It’s a free an easy way to earn money while stay at home. Everyone can get benefit by the Google adsense.  You just need to follow the below tips and get approved in quick time.



Thursday, 3 October 2013

Easy ways to approve Google ad sense account in Pakistan

Easy ways to approve Google ad sense account in Pakistan

How to approve Google adsense accounts it’s a common question which arise in the mind of peoples especially Pakistanis are in a big trouble due to Google policies and rules. Know you need but too much worry because some easy ways are available to approve your Google adsense account fastly.  
1___ Domain___
Use of authentic and top level domain is a plus point. It’s a common observation that if you use a top level domain and you content is good and attractive topic your site will approve fastly. 
One other and important thing which is helpful for those who want to approve adsense for blogs. Google will appreciate good level and one of its kind domains but if you think that you write high quality stuff, for your blog, then Google ad sense will approve without top level domain. Also when you have such big and appropriate traffic then there would be a chance that Google will accept sub level domain also.

2___Domain content___
As mentioned above content is an important thing so create it carefully and follow rules if you want to get approval in quick time.

3___Body of the content___
 Body of the content plays a very vital role .You need to follow below points for this purpose.

                     Your article must contain at least 350 words.  

                      Blog  must be a good source of information for others.

 It’s a very important and necessary point. We need to use supported language for Google adsense account.

5___Traffic and it’s source___
How to get enough traffic to meet the requirements for adsense account it’s a big task. For this purpose you can post your link in forums comments, blogs and social accounts. You need 70 to 80 unique visitors per day. If the traffic is low it’s a negative point for your blog.

6___Blog design___
Design of your bold had a great value also. Before submitting your application you need to ensure that the design of your blog is unique. It must be professional and eye catching.
7___Provide correct information___
You must submit your correct information. it is better to provide contact number also give your full address including postal address as well. If Google find that the entered detailed is wrong then your application will be rejected. Tip You must check your details 2 to 3 times to avoid the errors.

8___Alexa ranking___
Alexa ranking is necessary to approve an adsense account so you need to wait till your site or blog get Alexa ranking. You can improve Alexa ranking by improving the traffic of your site or back linking.

Blog comments also important in this purpose. Create some topics for discussions to encourage visitors.